Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There’s Nothing Like Family…

Greetings again from Honduras. I have officially been in Honduras a year and what a journey it’s been so far. A year ago I arrived here a curious man in his mid twenties searching for adventure, and a year later I am still doing the same but have grown immensely from my experience. It’s been and up and down ride but no doubt, it’s been the best ride of my life.

Even more special is that my family made it from the states and got to celebrate it all with me. My bro, sis, mom and dad all made it down here to my neck of the woods to check out what my life here was all about, and of course, to take a great vacation and have a great time.

They arrived in San Pedro Sula on a Sunday. Elisabeth and I met them at the airport and that afternoon we were in my town of Santa Rosa de Copán. I showed my fam a little bit of the town and took them to a good restaurant. That night we all rested, and I unpacked a huge bag fool of treats and gifts from the states. It was nice.

The next day I showed them a small pueblito I did some work in. Next, I took them to the NGO I work with and we talked about my projects and what I do around here. We followed that up with a nice lunch and then to the Agua Termales (hot springs) at night. Even though the air was warm it was oh so refreshing.

The following day we headed out to the beautiful Roatán. What a little secret this place is in the southern Carribean. We went scuba diving, zip lined, dined on delicious food, and more importantly spent some great time together. It was really amazing and really hard to say bye when they left. It went by fast, but the moments with my family were priceless. You can check out pictures by clicking here

What a way to spend my anniversary in the country.

And so it goes I have been here on this journey a year now. Time has flown by but the lessons learned, and experienced lived seem have been timeless. I can’t explain the transformation and realizations I have been through, but I am grateful. Its all about the moment, humility, awareness, and love of this world that has all gifted us in one way or another. Especially, I am forever grateful that I am gifted with the family and life I have. Thanks for everything guys, it was amazing. I love you very much. I also have great friends who I know will always be there for me, as I will for them. I am lucky enough to have all this. Whatever comes after that is all just a bonus.

Until next time…

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