Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back From the States

Greetings again from Honduras. I have returned to the country I know call home and my long vacation and return to the states has come to an end.

Man it was one hell of a trip. I was nervous to go back but within days everything snapped back into place and I was happy to be in the place I know best.

It started with the horseshoe championship of the world. Bloody ary's flowed early, the reggae band entered, deep fried turkeys were cookin, and the event was under way…Just good people and a good party on the lake. My dad and I threw as a team. All was going well but after some bad breaks we were eliminated. My brother and cousin made it to the finals but after what was one close match they finished second. What it really was about was seeing great friends, sharing what has been happenin in our lives, busting some balls, and haven a good time.

I was also introduced to a new trend sweeping the country that I was not aware of. It’s called getting iced…Shmirnoff iced. The way this works is a friend sneaks up on you out of nowhere and pushes a Shmirnoff ice in your chest and you must get on one knee and pound it. Whoever came up with this Jamoke of a prank I don’t know, but I was hit with it. I guess people like to watch a guy pound a Smirnoff ice. I guess just watch out for it. Its pretty stupid and I never thought I’d be sharing cultural trends with my own. I thought Honduras had its weird trends, but this stupid one is now in the states. In Honduras I haven’t seen a Shmirnoff ice…but I don’t plan on continuing this ridiculous prank anyway.

The trip followed with some relaxing time at my parents home, a trip to the city of San Fran with my greatest friends, and ending with a bang of a time at my college buddy Mike's wedding. I got to reunite with college friends and even a good ol’ friend who once joined me down here in Hondu. It was a great time and hilarious. You can check out pictures from the trip here. I’ll be adding more.

I think this was a great time for me to go back. With the months I have left, and perspective I have in Hondyland, with a new outlook on life in the states, it all felt right.

Who knows how the rest of these 8 months will go? I really don't have expectations anymore. If its anything like the first 18 I will be ready for a roller coaster full of craziness, emotion, stomach problems, breastfeeding mothers, parasites, exploration, offerings of girlfriends/wives, great times, booze, frustration, and new insights….but that’s what makes it awesome. I like the action, then I like the calm. Its just how it goes.

When it comes down to it, returning at this time, I think I am coming upon one of the things that I came to Hondyland to find…that's just a simple understanding. An understanding of what other people and places are like, and why they are that way. This trip back to my old home really put that in perspective. You know the work is work, but its the human experience is what its about. That’s at the base of it all. Sharing that with others is pretty cool. Life is also getting simpler, and I like that.

I have an amazingly loving and supporting family. I have the best friends in the world, in multiple countries. All the rest is bonus. I am truly grateful for it all.
Back to Peace Corps life…it’s a trip…

…Until next time