Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Made it Diving...

Greetings again from Honduras. I made it to the island of Utila and a group of 13 of us enjoyed our official first vacation here in Honduras. How amazing it was. I have some pictures below but will definitely put a lot of them in the next video blog I do.

In case people are out of the loop a friend and me had planned a trip out to Utila, a Honduran island in the North Caribbean coast. We got together 11 others to get out there to become certified scuba divers (Utila has some of the best diving in the world).

When Mel Zelaya came back to Honduras and it caused uproar, curfews, and uncertainty for the safety of travel. We all thought we weren’t going to make it on the trip. Well, we did, and it was awesome. There were curfews issued by the Honduras government in the first few days we were there but they didn’t pertain to the Bay Islands (the 3 islands in the Caribbean) so we had good times during the day AND at night…rock and roll!

We dove, got certified, relaxed, and spent good times with friends. I really didn’t want to leave but there is a lot to do back in my site.

The political situation still is uncertain. The de facto government is trying to control the press and tv more and more, then the people speak their opinion, and rules change. Its ongoing, and even with elections coming in November, it may not be the end of the political situation here.

I continue to do a world map project with the kids in a small town close to my site, work on Peace Corps promotional materials, and help out with advertising with my NGO. I know I don’t talk about work a whole lot on here. I do work, as much as I can. The fact is I am not sure stating how I create logos, a website, and help with design elements is all that interesting. Maybe I will get into it more in future blogs.

Hope all is well back home.

…until next time.