Friday, October 15, 2010

Russian Dance and the Boogaloo...

Greetings again from Honduras.

Living in the moment, in the now, is the way to do it. It’s really what brought me here to Honduras and Peace Corps and how I work best. Plans are necessary sometimes. I used to be all about them, but just going where life takes you seems to produce better results here. Its how Hondurans do it sometimes and it seems the stress fades. I know life in the states can’t all be flyin by the seat of your pants, but here it can.

The other dayI happened to run into my German friend and some old “colleagues” from the organization I use to work with. We hit some lunch and they told me there was a despedida, or going away party as we say, for a Spanish aid worker that was here for a couple months.

I had plans to go to an English class I am sitting in on until 8. After that, I headed to the get together. I hadn’t planned on this but I went there anyway. What I thought would be a chill little kick back, turned into a karaoke singing, dancing party. There were mostly Hondurans but also Germans, a Bolivian, a Peruvian, a Dutch fella, and me, the American.

When Hondurans do little fiestitas like this, they like to get the dancing starting early. Sometimes its traditional stuff like salsa or bachata, and sometimes its good old hits as we know them.

We had a couple drinks, ate some dinner, and the music hit. Before long the dance circle formed and people were jumping in showcasing there best moves. “Pa Pa Americano” played about 20 times. Don’t know this song yet? Check out the video.

At this point I figured it was time to teach them some good old dance circle traditions. First I brought them the “Russian Dancer.” This is the one where you squat and then jump up with right hand and right leg out, alternating the other next jump. I will give props to the great Chuck Stancil for still making this one of the greatest ever. Well then maybe it may be the “German Dance.” Who knows?

After some time, and a couple Honduran introduced moves, I brought them the “boogaloo.” This one is very hard to explain. Its not the popping boogaloo though. Its kinda like Pewee Herman meets the twist…kinda. You get low, let your hands down, and just slowly shake it out. The Hondurans loved this one and couldn’t stop laughing. It was classic.

We danced a little bachata. Bachata is kinda a one-two partner step dance; 2 to the right and 2 to the left. Sometimes there are some more complex spins involved. They tried to teach these spins to me but even me and my crazy legs could never get it.

Later we smacked a piƱata around. The night was getting late for a Wednesday, but then the karaoke came out. I sang some Spanish songs I know and they laughed at my pronunciation of some words. A specific few couldn’t wait to jump on me for it. They attempted to sing some English songs in which every word was butchered. I let it slide.

I was laughing and having a great time all night. It was hilarious. All these people, from all different places, were laughing and just having a good old time. Earlier that day I didn’t think I’d be introducing the “Russian Dance” and the “Boogaloo” later. I’m surprised it took me so long in service to bust these moves out for the Hondurans.

Come to think of it maybe this wasn’t necessarily “living in the now”, but just taking advantage of a good old time. Either way works.

…Until next time