Saturday, September 19, 2009

The great hike...

Greetings again from Honduras. Its Saturday morning and it’s the first weekend in a while I can remember without anything going on. Well, actually my cousin Mike Jr. is getting married this weekend in Tahoe. Obviously I can’t be there but congratulations Mike and Jodi.

So last week I went out to the Eastern part of the country. While there I embarked on the hike of all hikes. We climbed through the jungle, literally, through small waterfalls and cliffs to finally one giant big waterfall. We had a Honduran guide through it all. This guy was a true mountain man yet still very generous in leading us. There wasn’t any passage he couldn’t make happen. He brought his 10 year old son along, and this kid is gonna be one hell of a mountain man when he grows up too.

I can’t help but to just love these moments. That hike was a combination of exploration, soaking in nature, and meeting a man and his son whose generosity I will never forget.

I don’t know, it was a simple (actually pretty grueling) day of hiking. However, in the greater picture of things, it’sa sign of the common bond of humanity. Here I was, in a forresty jungle in the middle of Central America, being led by a Honduran who lived in the hills, giving us nothing more than his skills and his time because he wanted to. He didn’t ask for a dime. Many people just won ‘t do that. Its weird to even think how rare this is. And most of the time this kind of kindness and generosity comes from people who have little to nothing in their pockets.

Its that kind of goodness that gives me faith in a country like Honduras, the US, or any other that needs a little goodness and truth put back into it’s country’s community. It’s those little moments that may seem small, but really make an impact.

This experience and others while serving here in Honduras are just fascinating.

Keep searching…keep exploring…try and try again.

…Until next time

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  1. what mountain did you hike? were you in el carbon? if not, it is definitely worth a return to check out the waterfall there!