Sunday, August 23, 2009

...its 6 months ya jamoke

Just wanted to say I am a goon. I have been here over 6 months now, not 5. Time is flying indeed. This is like the time I sent out an evite to my half-century birthday party last year. My friend Chet then told me "Lemo, its a quarter century." Oh yeah, again, with a jamoke move. Possibly my 1st grade teacher let me slip a little with math and I never caught up. Sometimes I wonder how this mind of mine works...problems with numbers, selective memory, spouting out random better unsaid thoughts to unsuspecting friends and strangers who then look at me like I am crazy...hey a mango just fell on the roof, of consciousness writing.

Yesterday I took a Facebook quiz that told me indeed my mind was playing tricks on me. But I already knew this. Its funny to get reminders like that. Its like "hey, you are living in the middle of Central America." Oh yeah, crazy, I am. And then I remember that I am here...but I digress.

Well this could go on forever, and you may just be thinking "what am I reading?" This is what happens sometimes here.

No really though, it makes me appreciate this experience even more. What is life with out a little bit of nuttyness? Its boring thats what.

Life...what a trip.

...until next time

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