Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roller Coasters in Honduras...

Greetings again from Honduras. Well, the coup after math continues and it seems some light may be at the end of the tunnel. But when one solution arises another challenge presents itself. The roller coaster continues and although I don’t know who is at the controls, its one helluva ride. Such is life and such is the trend here in Honduras.

So for the light at the end of the tunnel, it appears now that Honduran leader Michelleti is showing support for a compromise that would return President Zelaya back to power (NYTimes)

Michelleti apparently called Costa Rican President Arias to say he is willing to work on the presented solutions and now needs help to gain support from Honduras officials. Arias presented a plan that would reinstate Zelaya, but with limited power.

Meanwhile Zelaya is posted out at the Honduran/Nicaraguan border. He first returned to the border last weekend where he caused a media frenzy, greeted supporters, then sticking his foot across the border.

The rumor of his return caused a 12PM curfew (yes midday) for all bordering departments (states as we know them back home). Most all stayed peaceful and it was mostly a big hooplah.

Today roadblocks and marches started back up as Zelaya called for Thursdays and Fridays to be national strikes. The blocks usually go on for 3-4 hours then dissipate. All are peaceful.

I only checked out a couple of articles on this as honestly, my interest in the situation begins to dither because life here seems back to normal. Peace Corps lifted all travel bans with the exception of volunteers needing permission to travel through the capitol Tegucigalpa.

Another good bit of news is that the new training class of volunteers, after being shipped to the Dominican Republic for a few weeks then being held up in Miami for a few days, have made it here to Honduras. It’s a clear sign that Peace Corps and the US Government are sure enough about the situation to send more Peace Corps aid to Honduras.

Also worked has picked up a bit. I am in full force trying to make and coordinate a new web page for my organization. This project is one experience let me tell you. Trying to learn how to make a good webpage from scratch, and having people not understand that it doesn’t take 2 weeks to make a good web page is more of a challenge than you think. I guess I could say it’s a great learning experience that is challenging me in many ways. My graphic design skills are quickly improving and I assume my web design skills will have to as well.

A fellow water/sanitation volunteer here in Santa Rosa and I took a trip on Wednesday out to an Aldea (small rural village) to meet a school director. We are going to start a project teaching the kids about geography and painting a giant world map with them. I am really looking forward to this. Getting out of the “city” and working in the rural area will be a nice breath of fresh air. I was always looking forward to these grassroots, “getting out there with the people” projects, as I call them.

Well, guess that’s all for now. Missing everyone out in Cali especially during these summer times. I miss the traditional events of the season. This summer will be the first time missing the horseshoe championship of the world (website). Its a time for horseshoes, good friends, and catching up. The event starts tomorrow. Best of luck to all competitors, I know I would win if I was there (I am a two time champ). Live up the summer times!

…until next time

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