Monday, May 18, 2009

Going to Santa Copan

Hola mis amigos de los Estados Unidos,

Hey friends, fam, and interested folk. I sit and write this entry as the rain pours down like you wouldn’t believe here in Santa Ana. It’s May and that means rainy season in Honduras. When I say rain, I mean hard rain. It’s hard to even speak over the downpour that hits the tin roof of my host family’s house. I hear this will continue for the whole month and some time after. It’s wet, humid, and about to get sticky.

I have great news. I found out where my official site is for the next two years. On announcement day our training officers had us build a map, told us about all the sites, and then gave us our site information packets and had us stand on our sites on the map. My site is amazing. The town is called Santa Rosa in the department of Copan in western Honduras. This is an amazing site! I am very fortunate and very lucky to have this be my place of work. I couldn’t ask for anything better for the next two years. Google it and check it out. My good friend Shannon, who some of you may know, got placed only 45 minutes away in the town of Gracias. We are stoked.

The best part of my site is the work I will be doing. Each volunteer here has a counterpart. This is the person who I will work with closely here in Honduras on all my projects. The main p[project I will have is working with an organization called ADELSAR (Agencia de Desarrollo Estrat├ęgico Local de Santa Rosa de Copan). In English, more or less, it translates to Local Strategic Development Agency of Santa Rosa de Copan. Part of this work includes working with the Escuela Taller, a business incubation program. (Google business incubation if you haven’t heard it…which you probably haven’t).

Another major part of my work, the part I am most excited about, is helping this program create some good marketing and advertising with brochures and video. I get to be creative and spread the word about the work the organization is doing. This is great because I will get to use my specific creative skills. I will learn a lot more as I go. There is a lot of work, and a lot to get going. After this great news I am ready to get after it.

I sit here with one more week here in Ojojona/Santa Ana. On Saturday we will say our goodbyes to the families and cruise back to Zarabanda for our final week of training. May 15th we swear in and the next day we are all off to our sites for two years…for me, Santa Rosa de Copan…rock and roll! It will be nice to finally get down to business.

On another note, I want to give my best wishes to my buddy David (Daveed) “Beisbol” Bartels. David was part of our Business-training group. Due to some complications, he went home early from PC. He is a great guy and everyone here misses him. There aren’t many David “Beisbol”s around and this guy was great. David, you are the man and come visit soon.

That’s all for now. Check out the video blog too, this one is short but sweet.

Until next time…much love…

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