Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Night in the States

Hey Everyone. I am about done with staging here in DC and tomorrow will be on my way to Honduras. Today I woke up early and a friend in town took me and fellow Peace Corps Trainee around DV to see the major sites. Check out pictures on my blog video.

Staging was an information session where we went over a lot of general hellos, polices, and logistics information. I met fellow Business Advisors in my Peace Corps Honduras group as well as members in 2 other groups; water/sanitation and HIV/AIDS/Health. There are about 60 of us all going together. All 60 of us will go down to Honduras. We fly into Tegucigalpa then will travel to Zarabonda, about 40 miles outside the Tegucigalpa. Each of us will be placed with a host family. We all train together for 3 weeks. After that we separate into our specific groups for our on-site training. Our business group will be apart from the others. For these 4 weeks of on-site training we will live with new host families. Then we go back to our original training site to figure out what our specific projects are.

I am sure I will get to blog before then but I was told when I get to Zarabonda I won't have internet or much communication for 3 weeks. Don't be alarmed, I will update as soon as I can. Thanks again for all the fun during the going away parties, the love, the gifts, and general good wishes. I miss everyone already but am ever so ready for the challenge and experiences ahead. Until then...

Much Love

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